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Clean up the Air-condition

30 September, 2020

Why must periodic air conditioning and cleaning?
During use, the air-conditioners need to be maintained and cleaned periodically for the outdoor and indoor units to get dust that affects the working capacity and does not affect the health. Check out useful tips together with Electronics below!
1 / The filter has a lot of dirt that seriously affects the health of the family

Air-conditioning filters are one of the most important parts. Dubbed the “family’s lung”, the filter helps to purify the air, capture bacteria, dirt, and pollen, giving your room a fresh, clean, and clean space.

màng lọc giúp thanh lọc không khí

However, after a period of use, the filter is attached to a lot of dirt, making the air-purifying ability of the air conditioner greatly impaired.

At this time, the membrane filter will become a bacterial nest containing many allergens, affecting the respiratory health of the members, especially for families with the elderly and children.

ảnh hưởng đến sức khỏe đường hô hấp

2 / Weakened cooling capacity

According to refrigeration experts, on average, after each week of operation, air-conditioners lose 1% of their cooling ability due to dust. And the cooling capacity will decrease more and more as the dirt becomes more dense.

Khả năng làm lạnh bị suy yếu

The fact that there is too much dirt on it makes the machine unable to meet the needs of cooling the room even when it takes a lot of power to cool it at full capacity.

You certainly do not want to pay a lot of electricity bills each month, but you cannot enjoy the cool atmosphere as you like, right?

chi trả rất nhiều tiền điện hằng tháng

3 / The air conditioner quickly reduces the service life

As mentioned above, a lot of dirt makes the machine have to operate at full capacity for cooling. If you have to continuously work at full capacity for a long time, not only air conditioners but any equipment, no matter how expensive or good, will quickly decrease their life and deteriorate.

máy lạnh nhanh chóng bị giảm tuổi thọ và hư hỏng

Especially for the outdoor unit which is the radiator for the air conditioner, if there is a lot of dust on it, the outdoor unit cannot dissipate heat well and be overloaded, causing the air conditioner to automatically shut off.

If this situation persists, it will also lead to the failure of the air conditioner, forcing you to spend a lot of money to repair.

tốn rất nhiều chi phí để sửa chữa

4 / Periodic cleaning time is suitable for air-conditioner

In order to prevent the above conditions, GREEN ELECTRICITY recommends taking an appropriate time to periodically clean your air conditioner:

– For households: About 3-4 months / time if the air conditioner is regularly turned on (almost all day) or about 6 months / time if the machine only operates from 6-8 hours / day.

– For companies and restaurants: Average every 3 months or about 1-2 months / time if the working environment is dusty.

– For production establishments and enterprises: Because the operating frequency can be up to 24/24 to serve work, it is recommended to clean the machine about once a month.

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