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Generator Maintenance

15 October, 2020

Mode A – Monthly Maintenance

1. Fuel system

Check for fuel leak
Drain the oil filter residue
Clean the vents, fuel pipes

2. Lubrication system

Monitor engine viscosity and oil cleanliness and quality
Check for oil leakage

3. Cooling system

Check for cooling water leak
Check the condition of the radiator
Check the cooling water level
Check the air blade condition
Check the joints

4. Air intake and exhaust system

Check, detect leaks
Check the air filter blockage alarm

5. Part associated with the engine

Check for abnormal noise, noise or vibration while operating
Check and tighten screws, bolts of the machine, exhaust pipes, electrical cabinets

6. Electrical system

Check battery charger
Check the water level and add more water to the battery (if necessary).
Check and then tighten the terminals of the battery

7. Cleaning and commissioning

Wipe dirt on the exterior with a soft cloth to avoid scratching the paint
After maintenance is complete, try to operate the generator to check if the fault has been fixed
Mode B – Maintenance every 250 hours of operation or 3 months

1. Perform mode A maintenance again

2. Fuel system

Check fuel pipes, joints
Consider replacing raw fuel filters and refined fuel filters

3. Lubrication system

Replace crude oil filter and refined oil filter
Replace engine oil

4. Cooling system

Check the impeller drive, drive pulley and water pump
Replace the water filter
Wipe off dust from the fan blades

5. Air intake and exhaust system

Check pipes and joints
Clean the air duct of the engine oil chamber
Replace the air filter (if necessary).

6. Electrical system

Check the level of dielectric fluid and the density for the battery
Check and align the belt for the dynamo charger

7. Trial operation of the generator

Mode C – Maintenance every 1500 hours of operation or 6 months

1. Repeat maintenance mode B

2. Fuel system

Adjust the heat clearance of the nozzle and the nozzle

3. Cooling system

Lubrication of the intermediate pulley shaft impeller
Lubrication of bearings (bearings, propeller bearings)
Clean the outside of the radiator (radiator)

4. Exhaust system

Clean the air filter element of the engine oil chamber
Check for exhaust gas obstruction
Check turbocharger tightening force

5. Engine connection part

Engine cleaning
Lubricate the engine front bracket

6. Electrical system

Clean the speed sensor head
Safety and warning system check
Lubricate the bearing to the generator unit
Clean the player

7. Try to operate the generator for a complete master check

Mode D – Maintenance every 6000 hours of operation or 1 year

1. Repeat maintenance C

2. Fuel system

Adjust the heat clearance of the nozzle and the nozzle
Align nozzle, oil pump

3. Cooling system

Flush radiator (radiator) and water pipes

4. Exhaust system

Clean the turbocharger
Check out turbo silver slits

5. Engine connection part

Check the wheel to reduce vibration
Tighten the bolts

6. Electrical system

Check the dynamo battery charger
Check the electric starter (motor start)
Alignment of alarm and safety systems

7. Start the generator to check again

Some notes when maintaining and maintaining a generator

Một số lưu ý khi bảo trì, bảo dưỡng máy phát điện

After 50 hours of running the engine for the first time, you must discharge and change the engine oil of the generator.
When it is absolutely necessary to keep the machine running idling for a long time, otherwise you should pay attention to keep the idling time to a minimum.
Regular operation, even if not in use, turn the machine on for at least every three months for a period of 30 minutes with generator load from about 30% of the rated power of the machine for the engine to reach operating temperature. normal onions. This also helps the engine to be lubricated, preventing oxidation at electrical contacts.
If you want to replace a generator spare part, you must choose the genuine one, have a clear origin, full warranty service and most importantly, compatible with other components.
Ensure absolute safety for people and machines, as well as the common grid system during inspection, maintenance and maintenance.

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